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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Start your green technology today

Do you know vermicompost? Both are origin from worms. Worms that we see underneath the soil or can found at your backyard.

I suggest making updates for this topic but I am afraid I could not. By the way I am new into this 'hobby' and I am not an expert yet about vermicomposting. What I've learned from theory so far was transform into real job and as a result I success to produce 15 kilograms of vermicompost the organics fertilizer and used by myself for my backyard and sell to my closed friends to test the affect onto plants.

Basically vermicompost consist of three basic components which are worms (worm itself), bed ('place to sleep') and medium (a combination like kitchen waste). Some people group bed and medium as one term. On this article I am about to share more on vermicomposting.

First thing first. Worms comes from different name according to where countries it comes from. For example African Night Crawler (ANC) comes from Africa. You may identify local worms in your place if it is suitable for commercial value. Native worm cannot produce vermicompost. Popular worm called red worm and tiger worm.

General speaking vermicompost is a worm casting. Worm casting is result of mixing like kitchen waste, newspaper, cardboard, animal manure, all those vegetables and grapes or similar after consume by the thousand of worms inside the bin (1 kilos of worm consist of over thousand worm). One kilograms of worm turn to two kilograms (double population) in one month. Worm egg called cocoon.

Meat, fish, chicken waste etc. are not good for vermicomposting because it was attracted other creatures (i.e. cat, dog) and producing harmful microorganism and bad fungus. Harvesting first (in three weeks respectively) vermicompost by collecting the top level of the bin and leave the worm inside for next round. You can apply the vermicompost by using it onto your garden and see the different. Vermicompost is 100% Organic and very effective in the required adjustment of the P.H of the Soils. It was not harm to any human or even environment. Doing vermicomposting mean we are supporting for green earth and organic life.

Increasing waste generation in developing countries has alarmed authorities on waste disposal issues. Therefore, various alternatives have been looked into to reduce waste disposed into landfill such as compost, biogas and others. I also blogging it here and thanks for visiting. Start your vermicomposting today and count your kitchen waste recycle.

Sample worm bin

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