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Friday, March 12, 2010

How to avoid ants (and others critters) from entering worm bin

This site is for them who start vermicompost and vermiculture from scratch. As you can find on this blog i was start my bin from old refrigerator at zero cost.

Now the problems has come, others critters share the bin with the worms. Not just to stay but they are enemy to the worm too. The critters i meant for example like ants,cockroach,lizard,snail,termite,centipede etc.

I got an idea. To avoid all those critters from entering the worm bin just put an oil around the bin. The oil could be cooking oil, engine (car)oil, grease or similar.

Pouring water around is a good idea too but not efficient as oil.

Some the of the material could be dangerous to worm and nature but make sure to use it properly and carefully. Just paint it exactly outside the bin.

No more aliens.

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