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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Runaway Worms

I was purchasing African Night Crawler (ANC) few weeks ago. The weight is 2 kilograms. The owner is so generosity and give extra 200 grams of worms.

So i was put in to my new bin consist of goat manure,news paper,chicken's egg shell,kitchen waste,EM and worms booster.

Seem like good for first day, but after weeks they try to escape from the bin. The worms climb the bin and crawl near the bin mouth. Some of them manage to escape from the bin to the ground.

At first time i was taught not enough of 'food' or may be population density but isn't.

So i make a call to the seller tell about the situation and he say the worms need ventilation (oxygen). Now i figure out what is the problem. My bin are tight (sealed by rubber) and not enough for air to get through.

This is my first lesson.

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